Friday, August 28, 2009

Sing-a-Long at Sierra Waldorf School Store, Sonora, CA

Sierra Waldorf School Store

By Jay Jay
Ella and I got to visit the Sierra Waldorf School Store today. It is a sweet little space filled with gorgeous toys! So many of the toys, dolls, hats and clothes were made by local artisans. We enjoyed meeting Ginny, the owner of the shop. She is a potter herself and has the back half of the space dedicated to pottery classes for all. By our good luck, we got there in time for sing-a-long! We joined some of the local tots for music and stories by Bizby - a wonderful grandma herself. It was such a great visit. If you are ever in this quaint town, make sure you stop by and say hello!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Birthday Banner

There are some real perks in working with these beautiful silks all day. My daughter celebrated her 4th birthday this past weekend. My husband thought of this great idea to decorate for her party! The hallway looked magical!

How to Make Butterfly Wings

By Jay Jay
We made some of our beautiful wings today. This is not one of the products we usually make here, but since we are out of stock, Zahira came in to help us dye some more. Check out the pictures of the process. I still love watching Carol or Sarah or Zahira dying silks. There is something so beautiful about the simplicity of the project.

First, we start with a beautiful, clean batch of pure white silk wings.
Then, they are dyed a sunny yellow.

Then, Zahira takes them out of the machine and folds them a special way.

Then, she dips certain parts of the wings into the red/orange dye

And...voila! Now they are off to get their pretty satin ribbon sewn on!

A few days later...finished wings!