Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New! String Games are Back!

By Jay Jay
Our String Games are back in town! Sarah's Silks has brought them back this season and they are flying off the shelves. They are made in the US, and dyed and put together right here in our workspace. Here's a video of Morgan showing off his string game skills.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Enchanted - NYC

By Jay Jay
I met Gloria, who runs this beautiful store in the upper East Side, at the Nuremberg Fair back in February. It was so great to meet her there and chat with a fellow American, so of course I had to stop by the store and say hello today! The ladies at Enchanted have done so much to personalize the store and make it special. So many of the fixtures are stripped down and re-painted to match the feel of the place. I was really struck by the gorgeous hand-felted tree behind the counter! It just sets the tone for a place that you know is one of a kind. This time, I also got to meet Carolina, who is a Waldorf mom and used to run the school store at the Pasadena Waldorf School for years. I thought her daughter was so lucky to grow up with a metropolitan mom that works with these gorgeous toys all day. It really is special to find a quiet, magical little store in the middle of crazy manhattan. It is a haven for beautiful toys and books, and the perfect place to find a gift. Just as I was getting ready to leave, a woman at the door was hopefully looking in the shop. They let her in even though they were getting ready to close, and she explained to them in a heavy European accent that she was told that she had to come by the store and look around. It's true - even if you don't have kids, this shop is a great place to stop and marvel at the whimsy that has been created. Enchanted Toys - 1179 Lexington Ave (bet 80th & 81st), NYC

Playing Mantis - Tribeca, NYC

By Jay Jay
Ella and I are in NYC for a wedding this weekend, and while I was here, I really wanted to at least stop by one or two stores. I love visiting the stores we work with because I know that they will not only be beautiful, but the people there always care so much about the toys they sell and the families they are selling them to. Playing Mantis is a gorgeous store in lower manhattan. They have just the kind of space you would expect in Tribeca, long and tall with that gorgeous loft feel. Joel and his crew have done such a great job transforming the space into a magical land of natural toys. They somehow made it work so well in this industrial, hip location. Ella, of course, has no problem coming along with me and testing the toys for them. We had a great time and encourage you to visit them if you are in the area! Be sure to visit the dress-up corner in the back of the store! Playing Mantis - 35 N Moore St, NYC

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dying Unicorns

By Jay Jay
Our unicorns are finally back! Carol's favorite Sarah's Silks product is the unicorn wand. I think she even has one next to her bed. She happily spent the morning dying some more unicorns so we can make our wands. They have been out of stock for too long already!