Monday, May 18, 2009

The Story of Stuff

By Jay Jay

**I want to start off this post by expressing that this post is the explicit opinion of me, and not necessarily of the company. I am hereby absolving my really great co-workers and Sarah of any crazy things I may say in my passion on the topic!**

I have been wanting to post about this for quite some time now, without a clear idea in my head of how to formulate what I was trying to say. Then, one of the moms I know sent me a link to this video and the light bulb struck!

The Story of Stuff

Please watch this video and pass it on. It very concisely and clearly illustrates the crazy consumerism and not-so-slow decline of our environment as a direct result. Yes, there are parts that seem a bit overboard, but valid all the same. The basic direction of the short film is for us to all take a more careful look at the where, how, and why of the origins and by-products of what we consume.

A big reason I love working for a company that produces natural toys is that I do feel that I am promoting a product that helps our Mother Earth. By using products made from natural, sustainable and renewable resources, we are cutting out the use of harmful chemicals, and not to mention by-products, that pollute the air, land and sea. By being careful about which sewers and producers we work with, we are cutting down on the world's glut of unfair labor practices and social irresponsibility. And by using the best methods we can to produce these natural toys, we are passing on our values to the next generation.

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