Friday, June 5, 2009

Another Long, but Good Day in China

Mike is having a great time in China, but I bet he is going to crash when he gets back! Here is some of what he had to say:

"Another long and grueling day. But again very productive. Here's a photo of one of the sewers that works on our products. There were 2 that were working with our products today. [The factory manager] explained that the best sewers do our products because they are the hardest ones to do. They were a lot of fun to interview!

Then went for a fancy lunch with the managers of the factory and another one of their customers who buys scarves. All dishes I had never had!

In the afternoon, went to the hand hemming village to first work out a process with the hand-hemming supervisor to talk about pricing and how we can document that the hemmers would get their increased pay. We're targeting a 25% increase over the market rate. Then went into this marvelous old house where we interviewed the women. They were quite chatty and spoke so openly about their lives. Here's a photo of the hemmers."

It will be great to see all the videos and pictures when he gets back.

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