Monday, June 1, 2009

Maker Faire 2009 was a Blast!

by Jay Jay
We had a great time at Maker Faire last weekend! I went to the fair Sunday while Sarah and Carol manned the booth on Saturday. We had never gone to this fair before, but it just sounded too fun to pass up. It certainly exceeded all our expectations. There were arts, crafts, techy and green projects from all kinds of creative people. The energy there was truly catchy. If you've ever read The Celestine Prophecy, you may believe that if you are close to someone who is feeling a particular surge of emotion, you can feel it too. That's how it seemed to me at the fair. The whole place was buzzing with excitement, creativity and happy vibes. What an inspiring Sunday for me!
We came up with a little project for the kids who visited our booth. We had a dye your own silk station that was a big hit. I loved working with the kids as they flexed their creative muscles and came up with some really beautiful designs. Thanks to everyone who stopped by - we loved meeting you all!

Gerard, the Paella Guy from Sebastopol. I STILL didn't get to try his paella!! The line was way too long, and I had to man the booth.

This giant snail shot fire out of its antennna!

A crazy sculpture made from empty plastic soda bottles

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