Friday, January 29, 2010

String Games

By Jay Jay
I bet it seems like just yesterday for Sarah and Mike when their oldest son Josh was dressing up in all the silks and inspiring them to create more and more products. Now, Josh is a big 19 year-old and he is the one who has brought string games back to Sarah's Silks after much popular demand! Our string games are 100% Made in the US. We buy the nylon string from a manufacturer in the US. Then, Josh cuts them to length, seals the ends together and dyes them into a rainbow. We reintroduced them to our line in the Fall, and they have been a big hit. String games are a great way for kids to practice hand-eye coordination and dexterity without burning their eyes into a computer or tv screen. They are available at A Toy Garden or the new and improved Bella Luna Toys website.

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Sarah Baldwin said...

The String Games from Sarah's Silks have been hugely popular at Bella Luna Toys since they were introduced last fall. Check out this fun video from a Waldorf teacher teaching a verse to accompany a string game with children: